Noel got his start in design in high school when he decided to join his local public access TV station as a member producer. Rather than produce TV programs, Noel became intrigued with how various forms of media could come together to send a unified message to an audience. During his time as a volunteer, Noel worked with other producers to create broadcast-ready graphics packages in addition to media-focused websites that allowed people to access the station’s productions online.

Since that time, Noel has gone on to work with Involution Studios, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners and the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art and Tank Design to create products, spaces, motion graphics, websites and things in print.

When he’s not working for other people, Noel can be found out taking pictures, meeting new people at local events, or animating things in After Effects.

Interested in working with Noel or want to say hello? You can email him at [email protected].