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Hello! I’m Noel, a designer from just outside Boston, MA. Here‘s the brief of what‘s going on here:

TL;DR: This site (, is getting a redesign. Check back later for all sorts of new goodies. 😯

To be honest, I got tired of looking at the list of old projects that used to be here, letting the site site in a time reflective of the work I was doing many years ago. So, I’ve taken it down and replaced it with a short history of this site and what I have planned for it.

I’ve been building websites for almost 10 years now. In September of 2011 a younger me purchased and some cheap shared hosting. It was a big deal for me to have a URL to put stuff where anyone could access it. In 2015 I swapped my primary domain out for, which has been the location of my work and experiments for the past 5 years.

This site has seen a lot of changes in that span of time. When I first started coding, my site was a hacked version of WordPress’s “Twenty Eleven”, followed by a few more custom themes I wrote myself. Then, I discovered the world of static site generators and moved the whole site to Jekyll. When I found out about Eleventy, I jumped on it immediately. It seemed like the perfect, minimal framework to build a modern, extensible site with.

However, just like with that original WordPress theme, over the past 3 years the source code for has become a set of cobbled together JS modules, stylesheet imports, non-performant web fonts and inaccessible design choices. It’s time for some much-needed housekeeping.

There’s a lot of really awesome open-source projects out there that do some really cool things. I’m excited to leverage what the web community has to offer, refreshing and updating the design and content along the way.

Stay tuned!

— Noel